Bellydance Class Schedule

Classes are held at the Elks Performing Arts Center.  Unsure which class to take?  Check out this quiz!

Weekly Beginners Bellydance 

Tuesday 5:45pm - 6:45pm (Vintage)

Tuesday 7pm - 8pm (ATS®)


Monthly Bellydance 

Wednesday 7:15pm - 8:15pm (Bellydance For Fun)
offered once a month
Wednesday 7:15pm -8:15pm (ATS® Level 3)
offered twice a month


Weekly Intermediate Bellydance 

Wednesday 6pm - 7pm (ATS® Level 2)



Class Descriptions & Registration 

Bellydance For Fun

Shimmy into a healthier you! This beginners class is perfect for those who want a taste of bellydance. Be prepared to engage your core, sweat and have fun with Middle Eastern dance and tunes. Can't make this one? No Problem! This bellydance class is offered once a month.

Next Class
October 25, 2017

1 class

Beginners Vintage

Indulge yourself with the mystical and heart pounding rhythms of the Middle East.  Learn basic bellydance moves which will be strung together to form a fun choreography or combination influenced by old school Turkish, Egyptian and Greek bellydance. Gain grace as you flow from one move to the next.

Next Series
September 26 - November 7, 2017 (no class on Halloween)

6 week series

Beginners American Tribal Style®

Dive into the sisterhood of American Tribal Style® Bellydance and activate muscles you never knew you had! This beginners bellydance class is very group oriented so be prepared for laughs and fun.

Next Series
September 26 - November 7, 2017 (no class on Halloween)

6 week series

Intermediate American Tribal Style®

**You must complete Tribal Bellydance Level 1 and get instructor approval before attending this class. Zills (finger cymbals) are required. Recommendation: Student Finger Cymbals**

This bellydance class focuses on technique,combinations and basic group movement. Students will work on shimmies, transitions, layering, intermediate step work and zills. We will explore musicality, phrasing, and group formations that gives ATS® bellydance its distinctive look and feel.

Contact Ustadza to join.

Next Series
September 27 - November 1, 2017

6 week series

Advance American Tribal Style®

**By Invitation Only**

This bellydance class is for students who have regularly attended the Level 2 class and who have the skill level, commitment, and community spirit needed to master the movement. Once invited by the instructor, you will learn advance combinations, complex group movement patterns and will dive deeper into musicality and presentation techniques. Students in this class are eligible to perform with Ustadza at private gigs as well as select bellydance festivals.


Offered 2 times a month