Ustadza Azra


Ustadza is a bellydance performer and American Tribal Style® certified teacher based in Prescott, Arizona. Her warm energetic performances with an emphasis on technique make for an exciting cultural experience.

Ustadza’s background is in tribal bellydance and she loves to incorporate Vintage Oriental and Folkloric movement whenever possible. Her specialties include zills (finger cymbals), candle tray, veil, sword, cane, water pot and skirtwork. She has also chosen to follow the path of bellydancers from the past by learning to sing various bellydance folk songs in Arabic, Greek and Turkish.

Ustadza teaches level 1 – 3 classes at Elks Perfroming Arts Center. Her students appreciate her ability to breakdown movement to suit all skill levels.  “I want to thank you for teaching this class, as it’s having a much greater impact on my life than merely learning a cool dance. I can’t stop coming back because of the joy of being challenged by new moves and the beauty of the dance and culture surrounding it.” – Level 2 student

She has a big place in her heart for bellydance history and has made it a mission to keep her students well informed on the evolution of the dance.

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Ustadza Azra New Moon Tribal bellydancer Prescott“…choreographic precision and colorful costuming were a pure delight.”

“[belly] dance routine by Ustadza Azra featured an elaborate costume with angelic diaphanous wings that was a crowd-pleaser…carefully  placed platters mounted with burning candles…very intricate, with readiness relying on steadiness.”




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