About Ustadza Azra


My heritage spans that of the Romany trail, the same trail that influences Tribal  bellydance.  The multicultural aspect of tribal bellydance allows me to pay homage to many of my family lines. My Indian side, Persian, Egyptian, it is all there wrapped in a neat little package known as improvisational tribal style bellydance. – Ustadza Azra Certified American Tribal Style® Bellydance Teacher

I grew up listening to stories told by my mom about life across the ocean. My mom spoke of the food, her siblings, and the struggle to balance the future with tradition. One of the stories I loved to hear about was the dance. My mom told me about family gatherings where women of all ages would roll their bellies, sway their hips and simply have a good time doing a dance most people would refer to as bellydancing.

Living in America, far away from my grandfather’s side of the family, had removed all thoughts of ever being able to be part of those stories. It was not until my 20s when I decided to really explore bellydance.

I  have studied a variety of bellydance styles which helped foster an appreciation and respect for the many faces of bellydance whether they follow the tribal, cabaret or folkloric path. In addition, I became an American Tribal Style® Bellydance Certified Teacher.

Now as the Director of New Moon School of Bellydance I have the privilege of being the first point of contact for students entering our bellydance world.  I offer Level 1 through 3 American Tribal Style® classes and Vintage bellydance classes in Prescott, Arizona at Elks Performing Arts Center.

What I want for my students…

To provide a fun and welcoming environment

To create a sense of safe community which focuses on the group while allowing for exploration of individuality and self-expression

To instill ethics when it comes to the art form

To uphold the art through great attention to technique