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Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive 2015 zill workshop Ustadza Azra LVBDI

Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive Workshop

I have so much admiration and respect for Ustadza Azra. This dancer makes their own music. This dancer makes the audience their music. This dancer, and amazing instructor, taught my mom, sis and I how to take rhythm to our knee caps and soles of our feet. She’s one of those instructors that gives you a gift you never forget, you cherish, and you incorporate inspiration from for the rest of your life. ~ Odessa Jess

Workshop Topics

Middle Eastern Rhythms for Dance and Zills

In this workshop you will be introduced to the underlying structure of Middle Eastern Rhythms. This will enable you to anticipate changes in the music, relieving the stress associated with improvisation and allow for playful dancing and zilling. You will also be introduced to a special zill notation system and finger cymbal drills to improve your skills.

Zill Love for Beginners

You will be able to shed your fear of zills realize that your long lost love has been at your finger tips all this time. During this workshop you will go through exercises which will allow you to become more comfortable moving while playing finger cymbals. You will also be introduced to a notation system which will give you a greater understanding of the Middle Eastern Rhythms and how zills come into play.

Dynamic Zilling for tribal and Cabaret Belly danceDynamic Zilling for Tribal and Cabaret

Have you ever left a workshop with a cool new zill pattern only to find that your notes made no sense the next day? Has a sound system died leaving you stranded in the middle of a performance? Are you dying to dance to live music but no one wants to pick up a drum? Are you bored of playing 123, 123, 123, 123….?
This is the workshop for you!

During this intermediate zill workshop you will learn a notation system which will allow you to play patterns months, or even years later. You will be able to venture outside of the gallop through choreographed or improvised zilling. Groups and soloist will be able to create a live music number (acappella) with all of their dancers dancing while providing the music.