Student Troupe

This troupe is for students who want to use the knowledge they have gained in bellydance classes in a supportive and safe dance environment. As well as those who want to be challenged, learn fun choreographies, complex improvisation and music.

Levels and Performances
For performances students are grouped together by their class level. If you are very new to a level you may be placed in the previous level for performances until you are more familiar with the advanced steps.

Students do not have to dance to be part of the troupe. Those who are musically inclined, singing or playing an instrument, are also welcome to join to enhance performances and events.

ATS® students tend to get more performance time due to their ability to create the dance in the moment. The nature of ATS® is improvisation so dance numbers can be created faster. Vintage students get to perform choreographies learned in class and on occasion special numbers created by Ustadza.

Costume requirements differ depending on whether you are an ATS® student or Vintage. Please see Ustadza for details.

Student Gallery