Bellydance DVD

Dynamic Zilling for Tribal and Cabaret Bellydance

Finger cymbal instruction zill dvd bellydance

Become one with your zills!
Learn to use finger cymbals to highlight dance movement, bring attention to rhythms, or even be the main instrument for a song. Create dynamic zill compositions suitable for improvisational dance as well choreographies.

In this DVD Ustadza will guide you through drills to get you moving and zilling! As you progress you will be introduced to a special finger cymbal notation system that will give you a better understanding of common rhythms, how to layer them, and the confidence to expand and create new patterns!

In the end you will be introduced to concepts that will allow you to create a layered group or solo accapella zill song as well as complex improvised group zilling to music.


I am *so happy* to have finally found a DVD that will help me to remove the mental block I have when it comes to playing zills while dancing! Ustadza Azra treats finger cymbals as the musical instruments that they are. She breaks down several popular rhythms, including a breakdown of their *base* rhythms. I’ve never seen that done before. She also introduces a notation system for mapping out the rhythms of a song that enables its users *to create their own songs!!* It’s really cool. This DVD will help dancers who want to learn to *move* with their zills and to better understand belly dance rhythms. It truly is for those who are new to zilling *and* for those who want to get more nuanced sounds from their finger cymbals by layering rhythms. I will be inspired/challenged by this one for a *long* time! 🙂 – Lisa T


 If you have never danced with cymbals or are struggling with them this is a very good foundation. She doesn’t baby you but she does break down the basics in a very integrated way. The only thing I missed was her lack of use of drum syllables but if you stick with this video you will be not only able to dance and play the cymbals; you’ll have a deeper understanding of our music. – Angela Shikany


What a wonderful DVD! I am a visual leaner and the notations on the screen really help. The Say it! Stomp it! Zill it! technique gets you practicing! I have almost every zill DVD on the market and this is an exceptional addition. A great purchase! – Ginney B


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